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Professional Development

STEM & Writing Annual Partnership (SWAP) Summer Workshop

Susanna Klingenberg / 1 week / Aug 2014
In this workshop we learned how to assign and assess student writing and how to articulate our own writing process. We also reviewed the latest research on using writing in STEM classrooms and starting our collaboration with the First Year Writing Program at the NCSU English Department.

Introduction to Teaching
Dr. Barbi Honeycutt / 2 hrs / Jul 2012
This workshop focused on the characteristics of effective learning environments, how to create a basic lesson plan (including learning outcomes, learning strategies and assessment) and the process of self-reflection about teaching.
Summary & Application

Designing an Effective Syllabus
Sarah Egan Warren & Susanna Klingenberg / 2 hrs / Sept 2013
In this workshop we learned about the purpose of a syllabus, how students use it, how to get students to read it, the most important information on a syllabus, the biggest mistakes and what positive elements to include on a syllabus. 
Summary & Application

Teaching with Sensitivity to Difference
Jamie Coccarelli & Rebecca Sitton / 2 hrs / Feb 2013
The workshop was designed to create awareness for students that need accommodations in the classroom. We learned about the legal background on how to deal with students in such cases and were presented some learning tools that can be used in the classroom. 
Summary & Application

Teaching on the First Day: Creating an Effective Learning Environment
Susanna Klingenberg / 2 hrs / Mar 2013
This workshop focused on techniques and practices to use on the first day of teaching like focusing exercises, creative introductions and brief assignments that prepare students for the rest of the class. In addition, we discussed the pros and cons of content (vs. logistics) on the first day.
Summary & Application

Student Engagement Workshop: Learning Styles
Dr. Barbi Honeycsutt / 2 hrs / Mar 2013
This workshop was designed to create awareness for different learning types (Active, Reflective, Sensing, Intuitive, Sequential, Global, Visual, Verbal). We discussed why applying a variety of learning styles is important and reviewed and practiced teaching strategies to cater to each learning type in the classroom.
Summary & Application

Student Engagement Workshop: Motivating Students
Dr. Barbi Honeycutt / 2 hrs / Sept 2013
In this workshop we were presented techniques for how to create a motivational classroom environment and what factors contribute to students being motivated to learn. We reviewed strategies of how to motivate students and practiced with case studies.
Summary & Application

Student Engagement Workshop: Active Learning
Dr. Barbi Honeycutt / 2 hrs / Feb 2014
In this workshop we discussed active vs. passive learning (differences, benefits/challenges). We learned how to practice and evaluate a variety of active learning techniques and identified ways to establish a classroom environment that supports active learning.

Establishing Credibility and Authority in the Classroom
Dr. Barbi Honeycutt / online / Feb 2013
This workshop focused on how to establish credibility and authority in the classroom. We reviewed case studies and discussed appropriate reactions in situations where credibility and authority are challenged.

Cross-Cultural Communication in the Classroom
Kamon Hester, Nieke Ploemen-Guillory & Dr. Barbi Honeycutt / 2 hrs / Oct 2012
In this workshop we learned about different cultural norms and discussed how they impact the learning environment. We identified expectations of U.S. students in a classroom environment and discussed appropriate ways to manage interactions with students.

Question, Persuade, Refer: Suicide Prevention Training
Counseling Center NCSU / 2 hrs / Oct 2013
This workshop was designed to create awareness for students with mental health concerns. Although talking about suicide is often a taboo topic, this is a valid concern on college campuses and we received training in identifying and properly reacting to difficult situations. 

Technology Fair
Various facilitators / 2 hrs / Oct 2013
In this workshop we reviewed the use of technology in the classroom. We were introduced to several  resources and devices in a hands-on way, e.g., clickers, polling resources, Google Hangouts and video content.

Leading better by Learning your Personality Type
Shelly Hoover-Plonk / 2 hrs / Sept 2013
For this workshop we completed the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. We analyzed characteristics of each personality type and practiced communication and leadership strategies tailored to different types.

Emotional Intelligence: A Tool for Teaching
Dr. Rhonda Sutton / 2 hrs / Mar 2014
In this workshop we reviewed and discussed the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi) and conducted several exercises to gain a better understanding of the subcategories of each composite scale.

Attended Annual Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC14) at Elon University in Elon, NC / Aug 2014