Teaching Resources

Independently and as part of the Students Discover team I have created some (mostly ant-themed) teaching resources.




Spirit Ant Activity

In this activity, students have a chance to explore some of the vast diversity of ants. Each of the ~14,000 described ant species has unique traits and characteristics that distinguish it from other species. In the Spirit Ant Activity, students get to know some of the ants they frequently encounter in their backyards and compare them to their own personalities to find their “spirit ant”. The activity is available here.

Background (final)

Species Scape – Learn about relative species diversity

Together with Clint Penick we have created an updated version of the well-known Species Scape image, a depiction of relative species diversity where the size of each organism represents the number of species recorded in the group it belongs to. Spoiler alert: Be ready for a giant insect and a tiny mammal…

Download the full-size image here and a coloring book version here. Also see the associated Your Wild Life blog post.