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“How to recognize a fire ant” POSTCARD & POSTER

Is this ant a fire ant? – A common question all around. We created a fire ant info sheet illustrating five easily visible characteristics for recognizing fire ants. Myrmecologists (people who study ants) will quickly point out that there are more characters than these five. However, for this resource I decided to focus on characters that can be seen with the naked eye to help teachers and students who work with ant-themed Students Discover lesson plans but also anyone who is trying to figure out whether the ants in their yard are indeed fire

Download 5 by 7 inch postcard version here. Also available as high resolution PDF here.

Download 18 by 24 inch poster version here.



Download 5 by 7 inch postcard version here. Also available as high resolution PDF here.



Urban Ant Identification Key

As part of a lesson plan we are currently developing, I am working on an ant identification picture key. You can download the current version of the key here but note that this key is still “under construction”, newer versions will replace the current version.


Find Your Spirit Ant

Ants have personalities too! Based on an idea that originated together with Students Discover Team Ant, I have created a fun resource to learn about the differences between ant species. Go to to find out which species matches your character!

Updated Species Scape POSTER

Together with Clint Penick we have created an updated version of the well-known Species Scape image, a depiction of relative species diversity where the size of each organism represents the number of species recorded in the group it belongs to. Spoiler alert: Be ready for a giant insect and a tiny mammal…

Download a high resolution pdf here. Also see the associated Your Wild Life blog post.

 Background (final)

“All about Ants” POSTER

Here’s a poster featuring basics on ant biology (including the ant life cycle) and some cool ant facts I made especially for BugFest 2013. Download your free copy here.

All about ANTS (by D.M. Sorger)